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Caravan Park Gigs


The Millards love getting out in the country and performing our original music at caravan parks. Usually we get a healthy audience and the punters always stay to the end of the 1 hour set, so we know they like our songs! We put out the hat and ask for donations so there's no cost to you, although some caravan park managers like to kick in a donation.


What we need:

A powered site to set up our tent for the night at no charge.

A large open space to perform.

A power point nearby (we supply all of the sound gear).

To have clear communication about what time you'd like us to start. We're flexible, so have a think whether drinks o'clock or after dinner will work best for your guests. We need 1 hour to set up our gear.


What the park needs to do:

Print off one of the posters from this Google Drive link-

and put around the caravan park and/or make a Facebook event using one of the FB Event sized posters from the link.

Text all of your campers that there is a gig happening and to come along with a chair, beers and some money to throw into the hat at the end.

Try to get a vibe happening and get people along-people will dance if you start it off!!!


Millards poster 3.jpg
Millards poster 2.jpg
Millards poster 1.jpg

Facebook Event Sized Posters

Millards-FB-event-cover-page-1 (1).jpg
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