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Gunbarrel Highway 

Michael woke up one morning and pondered whether there was a place called the Gunbarrel Highway as he'd had a dream about us travelling on it. Well guess what, there is! But stuck in Covid lockdown in a Victorian winter, there was no way The Millards could get there and so we did the next best thing...wrote a song about it. For us, Gunbarrel Highway represents the freedom of the open road ahead and the cloud of dust behind (albeit in our minds!).

Mutton Dressed As Lamb

Mutton Dressed As Lamb came about from a conversation about old Aussie sayings and this one naturally came up. Kirsten totally identifies herself as Mutton Dressed As Lamb and encourages all maturing ladies to embrace it by wearing zany clothes and flowers in their hair. Michael has fond memories of his grandmother muttering about inappropriately dressed women and is thankful they never met! This song is an ode to small town living and enduring love.

Gonna Hit the Road
Gonna Hit the Road poured out of Kirsten on the day she gave notice to her principal that she was taking a Covid Gap Year to the Northern Territory. It coincided with both Kirsten and Michael’s kids finishing Year 12 and the road ahead was welcoming The Millards with open arms.

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